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What is RPA?

RPA (short for Robotic Process Automation) brings a hybrid workforce to your business, handling the repetitive tasks so you and your employees can focus on higher-value projects. More than just automating payroll or reducing mouse-clicks, RPA can orchestrate end-to-end solutions across multiple internal or external systems. Combining the goals of both IT and Business Process departments, fully developed RPA provides all the following benefits:

Anomaly Detection

Identify outliers for unique perspectives and true normalization.

Machine Learning

Use past results to predict future outcomes, maintaining a fluid training model based upon relevant history.

Software Automation

Turn standard or custom-developed processes into an automated workforce, speeding up deliverables and lowering costs.

Process Development

Document and align processes with lean/six-sigma principles, eliminating waste.

Scheduled Reporting

Communicate vision and goals based on the latest information and trends.

Data Visualization

Present related and pertinent information together in a single view, enabling actionable insights.

Data Integrity

Find and correct discrepancies between stored and production data causing false conclusions.

Solutions Monitoring

Measure the effectiveness and progressive contributions of deployed products.

Completed Projects

Software Automation

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring helped this project turn 20% of a department’s workflow into an end-to-end solution with no manual interaction required to detect, document, or remediate the issue.

Software AutomationProactive Monitoring

Tableau Dashboards

Visual Insight

Beyond spreadsheets and weekly reports, we published online visuals that allowed key leaders to assess performance at-will with live metrics.

Tableau DashboardsVisual Insight

Microsoft Teams

Interactive Messaging

We integrated with this team’s instant-messaging system to provide real-time feedback on issues made during the normal course of business. This freed up management oversight and empowered front-line employees to correct their own mistakes.

Microsoft Teams Interactive Messaging

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